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My online golf training system is currently one of the most advanced…

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Watch Craig’s golf swing analysis of professional PGA player

How to hit great iron shots

Tour Pro Testimonials

Craig Hanson is the most enthusiastic coach I’ve ever worked with. As a tour pro I am constantly travelling throughout the world and his online training is amazing and reliable at anytime. His understanding of the different types of swings and the components that match up to them is simply brilliant. He’s a great short game trainer, motivator, and mental coach,  definitively one of the games best instructors.

Terry PilkadarisAustralian Touring Professional

Craig’s training will help you understand your swing and ” The swing ” better. He works with your individual swing.  I recommend Craig’s training to everyone. The online lessons are amazingly effective. His Knowledege is extremely impressive. He will find a way to help you hit it better.

Paul Spargo -Touring Professional

I highly recommend Craig Hansons training to all levels of golfers. His understanding of the golf swing is 2nd to none. He dosen’t over complicate.  He always finds a way to help you hit it better. And his knowledge on putting is simply brillant. His online training is very impressive  and he uses the best modern day technology in his training. I can highly recommend him.

Leigh Deagan - Touring Professional

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